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Custom Furniture

“Price was comparable if not more reasonable than many area furniture stores… especially considering that you are getting a custom, handmade piece that will last a lifetime.”

C.M St. Louis

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Amish Quality!

“You get what you pay for. . . Our table was a custom design. The finish and workmanship was flawless and exactly what we ordered. It “feels” like it belongs in our home.”

George K.

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100% American Made!

“I needed a key piece for my bedroom set. They were able to get exactly what I needed. They kept in touch with me on delivery time and other details. They went above and beyond to see that I was satisfied. I was such a pleasure doing business with them.“

Nancy C.

Mary Jane's SUPER Value

We offer an Overflowing Portfolio of Beautiful Furnishings for You.


Furniture Your Grandchildren Will Enjoy

Largest selection of American made Amish solid wood furniture in the Mid-West. Mary Jane's Solid Oak Furniture is bursting with affordable, highest quality, furniture made by Amish craftsmen.

Sustainability and Environment

The Beauty of Wood

Nothing beats the warmth and style options of beautiful Hard Woods from the Midwest. From Oak to Cherry to Walnut and Hickory, the choices are immense. Mary Jane’s Solid Hard Wood Furniture is exceptional quality materials combined with master craftsmanship and will never go out of style.

Sustainable Hard Woods of the Midwest

States like Illinois and Ohio feature the largest, highest quality hard wood stands in the world! The Amish Furniture industry helps sustain thousands of American forestry jobs and contributes by helping to make stronger conservation programs possible.

Eco-Friendly Solid Wood Furniture

Most of today’s furniture is made from manmade materials. Plastic, formaldehyde, chemically glued wood scraps, etc. Most of that will end up in a landfill. Not so with your Mary Jane’s Solid Hard Wood Furniture. In fact, the highest probability is you will pass it down to the next generations.

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    What Our Clients Say

    “We recommend this store to friends and family” - George K.

    “Almost overwhelming inside with the amount of furniture and options to choose from. Definitely worth the drive.” - C M, St. Louis

    “We just went back this past weekend and are having them make us a copy of a Stickley coffee table. Can’t wait for that." - Suzanne B.