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Amish Corner Nook w/6″ Storage

Traditional Nook Set

2 Responses to Amish Corner Nook w/6″ Storage

  1. Jan Lenhardt

    Do you have any ladder back chairs that would go with the Amish Coroner Nook trestle table?
    I don’t need the corner storage but would like a small trestle table with ladder back chairs.

    Thanks, Jan

    • Fred

      Hi Jan,

      Yes, we do have ladder back chairs that would work with the Amish Corner Nook trestle table. There are several different styles (traditional, mission, etc) that might go well with it, so it may be a matter of what look you like best, or which chair feels the best to you. The trestle table size is 52″ long x 36″ wide, so it could take 4 to 6 chairs. It can be made a different size if you needed it to be, and of course there are different styles of the trestle table as well. I can provide more information if you need it, but you can email me at … as I can upload photos and other things from our email. You can also call us at (618) 655-0299, or if stop in our store if you are able.

      Thank you for your interest!